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Stewart Wingrove



  • HNC in Engineering
  • HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Recent Training and CPD:

  • NEC3: PSC Training - March 2010
  • Design Risk Management 2009
  • Confined Space Training 2009
  • NEC 3 Contract Training - February 2008
  • Safety Passport  - February 2008
  • LOLER and PUWER Training  - Laidlers - August 2006
  • CE Marking training  - Laidlers - August 2008

Career History:

  • 4 year Technician Apprenticeship, including 1st year EITB training in Mechanical Engineering at Newton Chambers Engineering Ltd.
  • Career continued at Newton Chambers in the Sales Tender Design Dept as a Senior Project Engineer, responsible for conceptual design, drawing preparation and cost estimation for water control gates, steelworks plant and Ro/Ro ferry ramps.
  • Acquisition by Boving Ltd allowed development of my career in the Contract Design Dept, as Chief Designer, where the role included the development and detail design of several unique gate designs for docks and harbour installations. Experience was gained on the detail design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of water control gates for river barrages, flood alleviation schemes and hydro power stations both in the UK and worldwide.
  • Promotion to Chief Engineer of Kvaerner Boving Ltd, expanded my experience on the design of hydraulic gates, hoists and associated equipment to many International Design Standards. Assignment as Project Designer on several large worldwide Hydro projects gave the full responsibility for all design calculations, technical specifications, the engineering and manufacturing costs, quality aspects and the achievement of program target dates.
  • General Electric Company acquisition appointed me the role of Gate Product Leader in the Waterways - Centre of Excellence. My role included the development of low cost country manufacturing and engineering to assure GE competitiveness in the world Hydro market. Design Leader assignment on new products to the GE portfolio for large knife gate valves expanded my experience of FEA management, test procedure specifications and product safety reviews.
  • Oct 2005. Joined Kenneth Grubb Associates Ltd to extend my consultancy experience in the field of water- related engineering. Appointed to the post of Director in April 2006.

Additional Information:

  • Corporate Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, C.Eng MIMechE.
  • Member of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) within the professional discipline diversion works, consequence - class 4,3,2 and 1.
Relevant Project Experience

Xayaburi Project, Laos - KGAL
KGAL assisted Whessoe to bid this multi-million £ project during 2011 by providing gate and M&E tender designs, weight estimates and technical information. The project includes a lock, spillway, powerhouse and fish pass facilities. WSB were successful and now KGAL scope is to take this project to the detail design stage. The job includes 7off large spillway radial gates 19m span x 25m deep, 4off silt flushing radial gates 12m span x 16m deep, 24off intake wheel gates 7m span x 18m deep, 14off sand flushing slide gates 4m span x 6m deep, 3 pair lock gates 12m span x 25m deep,and 70off fish pass gates of various sizes and types. My role as Chief Gate Designer includes verifying the gate design calculations, seismic FEA and drawings and co-ordination with WSB, TheOwner GOL and their consultant Poyry, including site meetings, presentations and manufacturing advice. The project is scheduled to be constructed by 2018.

Boston Barrier - KGAL
Halcrow commissioned KGAL to prepare outline budget cost options for the new Barrier at Boston. The 3 short listed gate locations included various gate types including Rising Radial Gates, Mitre Gates and a traditional lock.

Ipswich Barrier - KGAL
Halcrow commissioned KGAL to prepare outline design options for the new Barrier at Ipswich. The 3 short listed gate options compared were a mitre gate, including the existing VCS gate, a flap gate and a rising sector gate. The rising sector gate 23m span x 9 deep was evaluated the best option and the outline design expanded to ensure a robust design. I was involved in the outline structural design of the gate structures and M&E works and the cost estimation of all the options. Tasks also included risk registers, control philosophy, design load cases, civil loadings and whole life costing.

Daventry Canal Lock gates and Boat lift Feasibility - KGAL
KGAL were commissioned by Hyder Consulting to detail design single leaf and twin leaf lock gates for six locks on the Daventry Canal. The gates are 2.3m span x 3m deep and are all manually operated by balance beams. SW also assisted in the M&E review and M&E budget cost estimation of 2 boat lift options, including an inclined plane boat lift and a new conceptual 'A' frame boat lift.

Severn Barrage - KGAL
KGAL were commissioned by PB Power to prepare high level cost estimates for the gate scope of various options for the Severn Barrage feasibility study.  The work included budget cost estimates for the many turbine gates, spillway gates, stoplogs, embedded parts, operating equipment and electrical controls for the Cardiff-Weston barrage and the Shoots Barrage.  The gate types typically included 15m square turbine outlet wheel gates, 22m span radial gates, 50m span flap lock gates and 15m span sector gates.  These base line estimates were then used to create generic cost estimates per square metre for 7 other barrage options, with different size/types of gates.  The work also included Whole Life Cost for all the options.

McCook Tunnel System - Main Gates - KGAL
KGAL were commissioned by Black & Veatch, UK to participate as a team member in the VE Workshop in Chicago, provide Consultancy during the CDF model development and execution and participate in the Independent Technical Review (ITR) of drawings, calculations and specifications for the main gates on this contract.  The contract includes 2 sets of three bonneted tunnel wheel gates each 4.42m span x 9m deep x 117m head designed to transfer storm water from the Chicago District TARP tunnel system to a new reservoir to allow pumping away. My role includes commenting on the design of the gates and operating system provided by BV.

Hull Tidal Surge Barrier refurbishment - KGAL
This is a prestigious Environment Agency Project for the future protection of Hull.  The gate is 30m span x 10.6m deep and weighs 212 tonne. The project includes refurbishment of the hoisting system to include modern hydraulic drives and a gravity close feature to improve the reliability of the Barrier.  My earlier involvement of the original design in 1978 gave me good background knowledge of the gate and hoist design.  KGAL were commissioned by Halcrow to project manage and technically review this EA Design and Build project.  My responsibility as Lead Mechanical Designer includes cost estimates, outline calculations, design reviews of the D&B output documents and drawings.

Boston Navigation Link - KGAL
This is an Environment agency project. KGAL were commission by Halcrow to design the lock gates and M&E works on this project.  My role was Project Manager to oversee the design and drawings of 6m span x 8m deep mitre gates, sector lock gates and associated hydraulic power units.

Minworth Control Gate - KGAL
KGAL were part of the Taylor and Sons design team for the radial control gate.  The gate is 5m span x 4m deep and hydraulic cylinder operated.  The gate is based on minimum stick-slip design philosophy to allow 3mm control increments at the gate lip.  My responsibility included the gate structure design, review of detail drawings and review of the hydraulic system designed by Rexroth.

Velocity Control Fishbelly Flap Gate, Ipswich - KGAL
Completed a desk top study of an Inspection Methodology and Risk Review to remove the 60 tonne x 33m x 4.5m deep fishbelly flap gate for removal, refurbishment and re-installation.  This project was commissioned by the Environment Agency, through Halcrow to evaluate if the VCS gate can be incorporated into the future Tidal Barrier Scheme.

Earsham Mill Sluice Tilting Gate - KGAL
KGAL were commissioned by the Environment Agency through Halcrow for the detailed design of the replacement gate and hoist to fit in the existing radial gate location.  I was appointed as Project manager for the design of the 6m span x 1.6m deep tilting gate, including the design of the rope operated, actuator driven hoist system.

Alexandra Dock Stoplogs - KGAL
Taylor and Sons retained Kenneth Grubb Associates Ltd to investigate and design the second line of defence with the design brief of a 10 tonne maximum lift load due to crane access limitations at the quay.  I was appointed Project manager for the detail design and a brief including the study of various locations within the existing lock barrel for the new installation, with the final location selected at the sector gate inner abutments.  The second line of defence incorporates 7 No stoplogs 16m span x 9m on-seat design head, each weighing approx 7.5 tonne, which are deployed by lifting chains and a mobile crane sited on the quayside.

Changi EP1 Water Reclamation Plant, Singapore - GE Energy UK Ltd
Appointed as Project designer and fully responsible for the design development on this multi million £ contract, which included the new product conceptual design of 37 stainless steel bonneted knife gate valves ranging in size from 1.4m to 3.6m dia and 6 bar rated.  Eleven of the 3.6m dia knife gate valves were hydraulic cylinder operated and fully submerged in 25m raw sewage.  The remaining valves were rising screw, electric actuator operated.  Extensive shop pressure testing and shop functional testing of operating gear drives gave a wealth of feedback on the valve structural design to validate the FEA model results, to verify leakage met the specified zero leakage rate and the lubrication evaluation on the electric valve rising stems.  I completed the on-site client training in Jul 2005, covering the design theory, operation, maintenance and H&S aspects of the valves.

Banimboola Power Station, Australia - GE Energy UK Ltd
This "water to wire" project for client Southern Hydro, provided me with design challenges relating to 3 new intake wheel gates, which are installed on the front face of an existing dam, requiring careful design of the new intake civil work interfaces to ensure a good hydraulic performance and minimise entrance energy losses.  The intake gates were operated by individual hoists incorporating electric motor, epicyclic gearing driving rope drums.  The project also included new intake trashracks with a trash- raking machine and 3 sets of draft tube slide gates. In addition the project scope included the condition report and subsequent refurbishment and speed upgrading of 3 existing 26 year old regulating wheel gates to perform as turbine bypass gates operating at 3.6m/minute.

Nathpa Jhakri HEPP, India - Kvaerner Boving Ltd
Project design responsibility for the $20mil of gates and hoists on the NATHPA JHAKRI HEPP project for client SJVN comprised a total of 54 gates of all types.  The scope included 24 No 0.7m span x 1.8m deep x 70m head high-pressure bonneted slide gates, 15 wheel gates of all sizes, 5 No 7.5m span x 8.3m deep x 38m head dam sluice radial gates, 2 No automatic spillway gates operated by ropes and counterweights along with numerous maintenance stoplogs/bulkheads.  My scope included the preparation of detailed technical specifications for the procurement of all the gravity closed operating hoists which included hydraulic cylinder hoists, rope hoists up to 96 tonne rating and an 86 tonne capacity goliath dam crane.  My responsibility included the commissioning, review and witnessing of a 10:1 hydraulic scale model performed at Imperial College, London, to verify the gate and conduit geometry was vibration free.

Esti and Bayano HEPP, Panama - Kvaerner Boving Ltd
The Esti and Bayano Hydro Project was a turnkey Hydro project, where I developed the various gate conceptual designs, sizes and civil layout in conjunction with the consortium civil consultants, Montgomery Watson, to meet the AES performance specification.  My responsibility involved the detail design, calculations, drawing review and LCC manufacturing liaison of 5 No 6m span x 10m deep culvert type radial gates, hydraulic hoists, maintenance stoplogs and diversion tunnel wheel gate.  The Bayano intake gate included  the preparation of a purchase specification and the design review of a 90 tonne rope hoist operating hoist.  The hoist included a fast closure hydraulic retarder brake system to control the gate speed during emergency lowering to prevent turbine runaway on loss of AC power.

Scientific Centre, Kuwait - Kvaerner Boving Ltd
My responsibility included the conceptual and detail design of the dock entrance tilting gate for the Scientific Centre, to the approval of consultants Mouchel and KGAL, the nominated gate specialist consultant.  The gate was 11.3m span x 7.5m deep and operated by a single hydraulic cylinder and designed to seal in both directions.

Uri HEPP, India - Kvaerner Boving Ltd
Appointed Project Designer, responsible for the URI HEPP project for client NHPC, comprising a total of 34 gates for the river barrage, tunnel intake, de-silting basin and the draft tube section.  The barrage comprised 9 No radial gates at 8m span x 8.25m deep, plus 2 No head regulator radial gates at 16m span x 6.1m deep all hydraulic cylinder operated, including maintenance stoplogs and 2 No gantry cranes.  The desilting basin contained 64 No 0.5m dia pinch valves and 4 No desilting radial gates at 5m span x 1.7m deep designed to discharge silt back into the river.  The project also included 3 No wheel gates 7m span x 9m deep x 28m head for the intake tunnel isolation, trashracks 33.4m span x 15m deep, 4 No x 6m square x 44m head draft tube bulkhead gates and 2 No 5m span x 7m deep x 101m head surge shaft slide gates, with 120m travel dedicated 50 tonne capacity wire rope hoists.

Kotri Barrage Rehabilitation, Pakistan - Kvaerner Boving Ltd
Retained by Coode & Partners as the sub-consultant gate design specialist for the rehabilitation of the 43 No18.29m span x 6.4m deep barrage gates originally installed in 1948 by Ransomes and Rapier Co. Ltd.  The barrage gates were "stoney" roller type with rocking roller paths on the embedded parts, all of which were badly worn and corroded.  The scope included review/approval of the replacement gate structures, re-design, upgrading and the manufacture of the replacement "stoney" rollers and roller paths, using modern abrasion resistant materials.

Hartlepool Marina Lock Sector Gates, UK - Kvaerner Boving Ltd
Design responsibility for the two pair of lock sector gates 9m span x 8.5m deep, including the development of fully adjustable dual direction sealing arrangements.  The gates were fast operation type designed to open or close in 30 seconds, using hydraulic cylinders and independent power units.

Garstang Flood Control, UK - Boving Newton Chambers
Failure of the original 2 No 8m x 4m fishbelly flap gates and the hydraulic cylinders manufactured by an inexperienced gate supplier, prompted North West Water to seek help from BNC.  My review of the design of the original gates, pivots and cylinder sizes showed inadequate pivot/anchor design for the one-sided lift application, causing overloading and failure of the anchors and concrete cracking at the pivots. I also noted undersized cylinder rods, which culminated in the rod deformation.  Rectification was identified as upgrading the gate pivots, adding more pre-tensioned anchors to suit the applied loads and the supply of new cylinders with larger rod diameter, designed to prevent buckling at the hydraulic system relief settings.

Sydney A Murray Power Station, Downstream Control Gates, USA - Boving Newton Chambers
I was assigned the design responsibility for 8 No 10m square wheeled draft tube gates with fast acting operation to protect the turbine from runaway and to act as maintenance bulkheads.  Each gate weighed 120 tonne and as defined by the turbine hydraulic model tests were to be designed for fast gravity closure at 40m/min, using a single acting hydraulic cylinder developed specially by Hunger Ltd.  The gates were designed to withstand hydraulic transients 50% in excess of the static heads, caused by the close proximity of the gate to the turbine axis and the pumping effect of the turbine during retardation.

River Foss Flood Gate, York - Boving Newton Chambers
The 8.5m span x 8.2m deep floodgate was required to reduce flooding of the River Ouse from the Foss at York.  The contract was awarded by Yorkshire Water Authority for the design of an "up and over" flood gate similar in design to the nearby Hull Barrier gate, but smaller in scale and in this application a slide type gate was selected.

MRICA HEPP Spillway Radial Gates, Indonesia - Boving Newton Chambers
I was responsible for the design and project managment of four 14.25m span x 12m deep x 14m head Spillway Radial Gates.  The role included design calculations including FEA modelling and seismic analysis, overseeing detail drawings, procurement specifications and training.  The gates are operated by two 120 tonne capacity hydraulic cylinders.

Naval Base Dock Entrance Flap Gate, Sultanate of Oman - Boving Newton Chambers
I was assigned the full design responsibility for the 22m span x 12m deep x 160 tonne floating dock basin entrance gate, including two months site responsibility during installation for the floating, stepping and un-stepping procedure of the gate.  Although the initial procedure included full training of operatives I have repeated the un-stepping and stepping procedure at two later maintenance outages for damage repairs due to a rope failure and the periodic re-painting of the gate in this aggressive marine environment.  The gate floats horizontally for positioning above the pivots, and then using compressed air filled buoyancy chambers tilts unaided to the vertical position, and lowers into the pivots in a controlled manner.  The gate is normally opened and closed using a 130 tonne capacity hydraulic motor operated winch unit incorporating 52mm dia wire ropes reeved thro' sheaves at the gate top.

Glen Park Hydro, USA - Boving Newton Chambers
Glen Park Hydro Electric Development placed the order for the design and supply of 4 No 4.8m span x 3.35m deep x 25m head bonneted draft tube wheel gates and 4 No 3.25m span x 12.64m deep floating intake bulkheads.  My responsibility included the detail design calculations and review/approval of the detail drawings for the draft tube gates on this project.

Canoe Slalom Inlet Control Gate, Nottingham - Boving Newton Chambers
Development of the Sales and Contract design of this unique 5m span x 2.77m deep canoe slalom inlet control gate for Nottingham City Council at their Holme Pierrepoint International Water Sports Centre.  The design allowed canoe paddlers to safely pass over the gate and also to adjust the in-flow to produce differing white water conditions on the course downstream.  The gate was developed from a torsion tube type gate leaf with a downstream sloping apron, all operated by one hydraulic cylinder in the sidewall chamber.

Barking Barrier - Boving Newton Chambers
Barking Barrier forms part of the Thames Barrier for the closure of the Barking Creek tributary. I was responsible for the conceptual design of the 4 barrage gates and the hoists, including cost estimation and review of the contract design to ensure specification compliance. The main gate was the largest gate vertical lift roller gate reference in the Newton Chambers Eng. Ltd portfolio at 38.6m span x 10.8m deep and total weight of 300 tonne. Design features were developed for the chain hoist to allow gravity closure under loss of AC power, included "quick release" latches activated under gate net dead load, 50% counterweighted and hydraulic motor retarding system. Operational redundancy and safety was built-in using cross shafts, duplicate electric motor drives and output disc braking systems.


Hull Barrier - Boving Newton Chambers
In 1978 I was responsible for the conceptual design, cost estimate and overseeing the contract design of the 200 tonne 30m span x 10.6m deep "up and over" flood protection roller gate for the Yorkshire Water Authority, including review of the chain hoist designs to fit the tight architecturally designed counterweight towers. The gate was installed at the fully open position, 22.6m above the river Hull. My responsibility also included the development of the guidance features to allow lifting the gate vertically and turning thro' 90 deg to finish open in the horizontal position, thus allowing more headroom for the passage of vessels.


Velocity Control Fishbelly Flap Gate, Ipswich - Boving Newton Chambers
My responsibility in 1978 included the Sales conceptual design and costing of the UK's first modern long span fishbelly flap gate. The gate function was to close on an upstream signal to reduce the velocity of the floodwater and prevent downstream riverbank erosion on the River Gipping at Ipswich. The client was Anglian Water Authority.  The gate was 33m span x 4.5m deep and designed torsionally rigid to allow operation using a single hydraulic cylinder. This design eliminated the use of two hydraulic cylinders and the associated synchronisation problems, and prompted future similar designs for use on a number of dock and harbour installations.




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